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There’s so many! We evolve constantly, sometimes traveling is so costly. Have a taste of different cultures, be open minded and willing to receive new, good, and different knowledge from all around the world in this page. All through Visual Arts.

Chet Guthrie is a poet and story teller that goes around the world telling stories and legends based in our history, click on the Dream Poet logo to be redirected to his adventurous world.

By Aspiration Entertainments.
Written, Produced and Directed by E.S Masingi aka Bra Sox. This film tells a story about a young man who was betrayed in his high school days and was imprisoned for 8 years in jail. Upon his return those who set him up fear that he will avenge himself.
Wake up. Workout. Commute. Work hard. Dance. Discover. Drink. Play hard. Sleep. Do it again. Sound familiar? Come on this journey of 24 HRS in #London through the eyes of Londoners who hustle everyday to make it out there, creating their future in a city that leaves you behind if you don’t run with it. By
This was my final year school project at University (National Film and Television Institute, NAFTI) which won me the Best Documentary award at the 23rd NAFTI STUDENTS’ FILM FESTIVAL. By Victor Toboh

Have you filmed about your culture? Get showcased!

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