Our job is to incentivize art, so please enjoy this courtesy background music from one of Flocally’s gems while you read through our content. Our pages are very interactive, so don’t be shy, and click, click, click! Note that, all artists in this platform are available for hire, so if you listen, or see something you love, don’t hesitate to reach out!

If you’re in the phone, click “listen in browser”.

Here’s a rundown:

All pages contain background music of artists that are available for hire to produce film music, and orchestration. Yeah, you read that right, if you’re looking for a professional to decorate your film with a beautiful soundtrack, they’re here.

In your phone, notice that we have 2 menus. One at the top, next to the search icon; and another one at the bottom as an array. In the top menu, our “Flocally & Chill” selection contains our Floridian treasures, everything from films, to music videos made “Flocally”.

If you’re in a desktop, the left side bar will show you mostly of what you need to know about us, how to join the family, how to contribute to a great cause, and more! Example, “Humh… I feel lucky, maybe I want to finish editing that short film… oh right, I can’t correct this color grading… ugh.” Great example right? This is where we assist; we gathered a group of professionals based in Florida, and all over the world. Just click into “FL Artistic Resources” to find someone “Flocally”, but if you feel like you want to experiment what else is out there? (like we did), visit the “Worldwide Professionals” section to have a sneak peak of the works outside of Florida, and how they can possibly assist you into fulfilling the completion of your masterpiece!

No, you can’t comment in our pages. We highly encourage all content feedbacks to be expressed in our artists sites, If you have something to say, express yourself directly in their site. One of our goals is to expand our members content views traffic, this is one and more strategies we use to encourage motion arts for all.

We also have a souvenir shop, to help us expand our brand and purpose everywhere, Go ahead and explore!

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