Creative Project Initiative -CPI -What is it?

A yearly collaborative project within the community to provide hope, inspiration and motivation into change. The project allows us the following

  • To think critically, express emotionally and produce a positive tangible idea
  • Help create solutions in our communities existing mental and emotional problems
  • Educate through creative expression

Last year we started with our REBIRTH Project, where we took on the challenge of speaking out about suicide and creating a safe space for that conversation. We were so overwhelmed with support from all over within the community.

What you may not know about that project is we were unable to finish filming a very important scene due to covid. It was a very complex and intricate part of the project and we could not execute. We as a team decided we had enough content to bring the message forward and open the communication. We did and we could not be more proud of us and more powered up to create and help more humans.

That is why we are here with the next CPI called CHECKMATE.

This project is important because even during the worst of the worst times we as a country and the world could be experiencing, we are still coming together through HOPE. All of us are hopeful for something better in 2021 and we want to show our community that when we come together and have a solid plan we can execute, nothing is impossible.

Checkmate is multiple things, but the primary piece of art it is being produced to is a documentary of the start of Project Human Inc., PHInc., a new way to think about mental and emotional health.

This is a story about a girl who has landed in a real life game of chess and she has no idea how to play it. She has to learn the rules and navigate through a minefield of emotional trauma she never knew existed. Over the course of 3 years she learns who she is, what she stands for and how she will stand on those values and morals within. She moves when the time is right and she knows where the move will lead her and why patience has become the most important virtue to master.

She is challenged and is ready to play.

We are creating a conceptual film within the documentary to share with you what expression means to us and how we cope with our own selves.



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