FilmFreeway Flocally Online Festival 2022 Selected Films

At Flocally, our goal is to represent the art of hard worker artists who poured their heart in the making of cinema projects for your entertainment. Let’s give a warm welcome to this year selected films:

Code Red For Humanity, is food for the mind of every conscious creature in this world. This film made us reflect on what exactly are we spending our time and energy into, and what else can we do to better ourselves as a community. In times like we are living right now, we thought this film hit all the right buttons. Check it out right here!

Shadow of a Man, is an assassin with a terminal brain disease kills for the one thing he needs most…More Time. This noir film made us remember the multimillion box film “In Time”; sometimes we think we have everything under control, but do we? Sometimes we get way too comfortable with what was given to us, that is never recovered… you can decide to live any day, if you can; but what about what you let go to waste? Sometimes, time is underappreciated. Check it out right here!

A group of people in Indiana gain superpowers and must come together to fight off alien parasites known as Parasite Humans. PARAGENEX was such a breath of air when it comes to fiction. We feel like we’ve seen it all, but you haven’t seen PARAGENEX, so there is still horizons to explore. Zombie-like creatures, action, superpowers and more to watch in this awesome mini series that you can’t possibly miss. Check it out right here!

We’re always striving for more, to empower the new artists of tomorrow. Stay tuned for our next Flocally Online Film Festival in July 2022. We cant wait to check you out!

If you can’t wait and would like to submit your films right away to be showcased, and have chances of being interviewed by our team in one of our platforms, click here and Get Showcased!


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