The Chosen

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As you may know, in Flocally we welcome arts from everywhere, regardless of location and/or backgrounds. Flocally takes pride in showcasing and spreading news filled with positivity and powerful messages. We’re not a faith based platform, but we agree that everyone in the world should hold on to some type of faith that empowers their daily routines; either through meditation, a sacred book, the universe, etc. For us, everything is connected, and the more we question, the closer we get to our true origins. The Flocally family is always on the look to find entertainment we can support to the best of our ability, as long as it aligns with our vision to spread positivity and avoid division through unity. This week we feel so humbled to spread the news of this beautiful discovery. The Chosen, is a faith based multi-series that talks about the life of Jesus Christ, through the eyes of his disciples. It was amazing to find that none of these characters were saints, nor close to perfect, but that didn’t stop Jesus when it came to choose them for his father’s grand plan.

The Chosen, is a multi-series that doesn’t exist in any streaming service; in fact, they stream the 1st season for free in some, just so that they can engage you enough into their story, and let you find your own way into the rest directly through them. Just like Flocally, The Chosen created their own streaming service that works through donations, in order to keep producing these wonderful stories that remind us that we are all equal under the eyes of God. We know we have plenty agnostics and skeptical individuals in our circle, but just know that the more you find out about your own history, the more you’ll discover! Come and see for yourself, experience these wonderful stories, through the way we love the most, motion entertainments.

We’re not going to tell you which streaming companies have the full 1st season, but we’re going to send you straight to where all the magic is. Click on the image above to be redirected to their app, download and watch all, for free! Don’t forget to send them a message of gratitude, for taking the time to recreate sacred stories, give them live, and inviting us to be part of their development.

Here’s a sneak peek into the world of The Chosen.

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