PressPlay Cinema, LLC, had the chance to speak with Nicholas Rice about his recent book with Nick Keller PREEMPTIVE STRIKE: Beyond Sight. We asked him, “what inspired you to write this book?”, Nicholas was kind to reply; “I had an idea for a new superhero that’s never been done before in 2019. I had a dream about one of the scenes in early 2020. I sat down and wrote the first draft of the script during the lockdown of 2020. I then met a WGA award winning writer who offers services of coverage and analysis on scripts. He was able to help me rewrite the script to where it was sellable.

We then put the script into development. While we were shopping the script, I met a novelist by the name of Nick Keller. He had 15 novels published to his name at the time. I asked him to read the script to get his thoughts. He read it, and he liked it. We came to an agreement for him to ghost write our script into a novel. He did such a great job that we offered him co writer.

Nick Keller turned our 100 page script into a 400 page, 85000 word and 43 chapter novel.

The novel was launched on September 1st of 2022. We hit best seller on day one beating out titles like the terminal list, lord of the rings and one of the newest Star Wars story’s. On day 5 we hit number one best seller in one of our categories.

We did such a good job with our gorilla marketing tactic that Nick and I decided to start our own publishing company called N2Books. We’ve released a total of 3 books including preemptive strike. All have hit best seller and number one new release.

5 months later, I was finally able to finish recording the audio book which just recently hit number one new release and best seller in all of our categories, and only one spot away from hitting number one best seller!

While I was recording the audiobook, we got connected to a production services company called Moving Pictures Media Group. They have a 100% conversation rate of getting films to funding. They only take on films they like. They read our script and loved it. Titles they have done in the past include Black Hawk Down, Cowboys and Aliens, Kill Bill one and two, and Men In Black.

MPMG owns the third largest comic book company in the world! Third only to marvel and DC called Platinum Studios. Platinum has accepted our script to become three installments of a graphic novel! This week will be a big week for us. We are about to secure our development funds to get started with MPMG!”

We then asked him how does he feel about those amazing news? Which he replied; “I’m pretty excited about all it. But I’m not celebrating until the money for the movie is in the bank!”, and we believe that is reasonable, because art is work!

AudioBook Preview


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