The Raise of a New Film Community:

There are many companies and organizations that are dedicated to supporting emerging artists and helping them achieve success in their creative fields. One such company is PressPlay Cinema, LLC, an organization that fundraises money to invest in other artists and support their path to success.

PressPlay Cinema, believes that every artist deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential. To that end, they offer a range of programs and services designed to help artists at every stage of their career. These include:

Investment and Funding: PressPlay Cinema raises money through donations, grants, film festivals, sales, and submissions, which they use to invest in emerging artists and assist them with their creative projects. This can include everything from articles, interviews, ads, flyers, cards, posters, and more.

YouTube Views and Original Content: PressPlay Cinema incentivizes YouTube views by promoting the artists they support and sharing original content featuring their work. This helps to increase visibility and exposure for the artists, and can lead to new opportunities and collaborations.

Interviews and Promotions: PressPlay Cinema gives interviews to artists they support, promoting their work and sharing their stories with the wider community. They also promote musicians through social media and other channels, helping to build their fan base and connect them with new audiences.

Sharing and Collaboration: PressPlay Cinema believes in the power of collaboration and encourages artists to share their creations with each other and the wider community. They host events and workshops where artists can connect and collaborate, and provide resources and support to help them develop their skills and achieve their goals.

Supporting emerging artists can be incredibly rewarding, both for the artists themselves and for those who invest in them. By helping artists reach their full potential, we can create a more vibrant and diverse artistic landscape, and inspire new generations of creatives to pursue their dreams.

If you’re interested in supporting emerging artists and helping them achieve success, consider making a donation to PressPlay Cinema. Every contribution, no matter how small, can make a difference and help to create a brighter future for the arts.

Our next goal is the development of an independent app for smart phones, public crowdfunding and award events in Detroit, Michigan. Lets change the game!


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