The Chosen

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As you may know, in Flocally we welcome arts from everywhere, regardless of location and/or backgrounds. Flocally takes pride in showcasing and spreading news filled with positivity and powerful messages. We’re not a faith based platform, but we agree that everyone in the world should hold on to some type of faith that empowers their daily routines; either through meditation, a sacred book, the universe, etc. For us, everything is connected, and the more we question, the closer we get to our true origins. The Flocally family is always on the look to find entertainment we can support to the best of our ability, as long as it aligns with our vision to spread positivity and avoid division through unity. This week we feel so humbled to spread the news of this beautiful discovery. The Chosen, is a faith based multi-series that talks about the life of Jesus Christ, through the eyes of his disciples. It was amazing to find that none of these characters were saints, nor close to perfect, but that didn’t stop Jesus when it came to choose them for his father’s grand plan.

The Chosen, is a multi-series that doesn’t exist in any streaming service; in fact, they stream the 1st season for free in some, just so that they can engage you enough into their story, and let you find your own way into the rest directly through them. Just like Flocally, The Chosen created their own streaming service that works through donations, in order to keep producing these wonderful stories that remind us that we are all equal under the eyes of God. We know we have plenty agnostics and skeptical individuals in our circle, but just know that the more you find out about your own history, the more you’ll discover! Come and see for yourself, experience these wonderful stories, through the way we love the most, motion entertainments.

We’re not going to tell you which streaming companies have the full 1st season, but we’re going to send you straight to where all the magic is. Click on the image above to be redirected to their app, download and watch all, for free! Don’t forget to send them a message of gratitude, for taking the time to recreate sacred stories, give them live, and inviting us to be part of their development.

Here’s a sneak peek into the world of The Chosen.

A Touch of Modernity

Do you need a touch of modernity for your business? Flowcode may be the place you’d want to start!

We keep evolving through time and so should our businesses, to keep up with advanced technology that facilitates our progress. Recently, we thought about printing new posters for our business. Through research and various gatherings with business partners, we realized how easy we could make it for all our visitors to experience the flow of innovation. Thanks to Flowcode, we designed our new poster appearance with a touch of modernity. We did this by adding our very own QR code to our business poster! We hope this makes your navigation even more easier and help you share the good news with family and friends.

If you’re interested in trying Flowcode for your business, click on the logo above and you’ll be redirected to their creation website right away!

Cinder II

We talked to Warhol Kaufman, one of the masterminds behind the film “The Thieves Code” available to watch in our WorldWide Movies section of Flocally, and ended up discussing a new film available to watch very soon!

CINDER II, is a unique take on cinema resulting in a psychedelic experience that inspires questioning and the need for answers as we are thrown into a journey along with Sharon and Elijah. – Rachel Pinson (Co-Producer)

“It gave me a mental breakdown.”

– Fan

“Thank you for telling stories about men getting assaulted.”

– Fan

“This film made me somewhat traumatized into flashbacks of prison.”

– Fan
CINDER II | Trailer

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Since COVID, I managed to work my way onto an anthology horror that is slated to be a major motion picture next year. I was invited on the writing staff of a show, assuming it goes into production. I wrote about 1,000 pages of scripts. I’ve been asked to panel at comicon. And I have a number of new ideas and collaborators to attempt to thrive in the business of film. Keep writing. Keep shooting. Stop asking permission. Peace. – Warhol Kaufman

The Afro International Film Market & Festival

The Flocally team takes pride in supporting upcoming movements for the betterment of the culture and our inner roots. We have the pleasure to announce our friendship with Jasper Johnson, official founder of this amazing movement made to bring the brightest lights onto the African film industry.

Flocally officials have reunited to speak with Mr. Johnson about this magnificent movement to build and ensure a more inclusive Africa. After the success of the multimillionaire box film “Black Panther”, a huge spotlight landed into African territory, making it a great opportunity for future investments in regards to it’s art. We hope the spotlight brings only positivity into the betterment of their home, culture and business; some of our favorite movies protagonists come from an African background, but Hollywood ends up taking all the credit. This is not solely a Hollywood issue, but the people that wonder and think that most of our favorite artists are born in US territory. Let’s say they indeed were born in US territory, does that mean that our artists background doesn’t matter? Yes it does! We want to keep finding new stars to represent our unique diversity as a human race. Is also important to keep in mind the ambiguously blood we all share, connecting every one of us. In Flocally we’re always thankful to learn more about other cultures to adopt and support because in the end, we are all one. This is why The Afro International Film Market & Festival is blessing our soil with their Inaugural International Summit 2022 here in The United States of America from April 27th to the 1st of May. Let this be a union of peace and prosperous partnership.

Jasper Johnson AIFMF Founder

Do you want to stay in touch with this movement and contribute in order to join the wave of new possibilities? Click on, and visit The Afro International Film Market & Festival website and/or Afro Films TV to learn more!

Communication is Key

Flocally is always trying their best to send not just messages into the masses, but the right ones. “IF YOU WANT TO” is a Flocally original film made to chime a light in a issue we always talk about, but rarely dive into.

We know communication is key, but we don’t talk much about the quantity of courage it takes to break the ice and better a personal issue for the sake of all involved. In relationships, communication allows to you explain to someone else what you are experiencing and what your needs are. The act of communicating not only helps to meet your needs, but it also helps you to connect with the other person. In business, communication skills are highly valued in leaders. Communication is the key to influencing others and creating powerful teams, relationships and joint forces to achieve successful outcomes.

We have collected some information that may help you take that first step into betterment within your immediate and outer circle, provided by Forbes:

1. Be clear. 

To communicate effectively, you have to know what you want and take ownership for your own needs. Before communicating your issue, identify it and know what you want and need from the other person. When you experience an issue, try to get clarity on what the issue is and why it shows up for you. Do you feel disrespected and shut down when a colleague is not open to hearing your opinion in a meeting? Understand what value of yours isn’t being honored, and own it. It’s your responsibility to initiate the tough conversation.

Communicate the issue directly without misinterpreting or reacting emotionally, judgmentally or defensively. Take ownership of your experience, and be transparent. Be as clear and objective as possible.

2. Be concise. 

Keep your requests direct, simple and to the point. The less wordy, the better. Don’t get caught up in the story — focus on getting your point across in the most succinct manner and moving the conversation forward.

3. Provide a compelling request.

Once you make a request for change, you’re in negotiations. After communicating the issue, provide the person with a suggested solution that you’d be happy with. If you feel shut down and dismissed in meetings whenever you bring your area of expertise into consideration, first ask the other person if there’s a deeper issue. Then, ask how you might resolve it, and make your request to be listened to in the future. Explain that it’s just as important for you to express your opinion or expertise, be involved in the conversation, and share your thoughts on the topic to provide necessary feedback.

4. Be curious.

Listen to what the other person needs. Once you make a request, be curious about what the other person’s issues and objectives are and what they might need to fulfill your request. It’s not all about you. Understand where the other person is coming from because they also have needs and issues that need to be addressed.

5. Be compassionate. 

Make an attempt to understand the other person. Listen carefully to their feedback, and put your own assumptions aside. When a person feels like they’re being heard, they tend to open up more and feel safer and more secure in the conversation, which can lead to a more trusting relationship. Having the ability to understand, recognize and appreciate the way others feel is crucial to resolving conflict, managing change and making tough decisions. Strive to negotiate a win for both parties by taking the other person’s perspective into consideration. Get a clear understanding of what it would take for both of you to get a positive outcome. 

In Flocally, we believe you deserve the best care possible, so we made this short film to give you a vivid example of the importance of communication, and more; Click here to watch now!