Cinder II

We talked to Warhol Kaufman, one of the masterminds behind the film “The Thieves Code” available to watch in our WorldWide Movies section of Flocally, and ended up discussing a new film available to watch very soon!

CINDER II, is a unique take on cinema resulting in a psychedelic experience that inspires questioning and the need for answers as we are thrown into a journey along with Sharon and Elijah. – Rachel Pinson (Co-Producer)

“It gave me a mental breakdown.”

– Fan

“Thank you for telling stories about men getting assaulted.”

– Fan

“This film made me somewhat traumatized into flashbacks of prison.”

– Fan
CINDER II | Trailer

Click here to learn more!

Since COVID, I managed to work my way onto an anthology horror that is slated to be a major motion picture next year. I was invited on the writing staff of a show, assuming it goes into production. I wrote about 1,000 pages of scripts. I’ve been asked to panel at comicon. And I have a number of new ideas and collaborators to attempt to thrive in the business of film. Keep writing. Keep shooting. Stop asking permission. Peace. – Warhol Kaufman

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