The Afro International Film Market & Festival

The Flocally team takes pride in supporting upcoming movements for the betterment of the culture and our inner roots. We have the pleasure to announce our friendship with Jasper Johnson, official founder of this amazing movement made to bring the brightest lights onto the African film industry.

Flocally officials have reunited to speak with Mr. Johnson about this magnificent movement to build and ensure a more inclusive Africa. After the success of the multimillionaire box film “Black Panther”, a huge spotlight landed into African territory, making it a great opportunity for future investments in regards to it’s art. We hope the spotlight brings only positivity into the betterment of their home, culture and business; some of our favorite movies protagonists come from an African background, but Hollywood ends up taking all the credit. This is not solely a Hollywood issue, but the people that wonder and think that most of our favorite artists are born in US territory. Let’s say they indeed were born in US territory, does that mean that our artists background doesn’t matter? Yes it does! We want to keep finding new stars to represent our unique diversity as a human race. Is also important to keep in mind the ambiguously blood we all share, connecting every one of us. In Flocally we’re always thankful to learn more about other cultures to adopt and support because in the end, we are all one. This is why The Afro International Film Market & Festival is blessing our soil with their Inaugural International Summit 2022 here in The United States of America from April 27th to the 1st of May. Let this be a union of peace and prosperous partnership.

Jasper Johnson AIFMF Founder

Do you want to stay in touch with this movement and contribute in order to join the wave of new possibilities? Click on, and visit The Afro International Film Market & Festival website and/or Afro Films TV to learn more!

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